4 Ideal Hotels For Low Budget Travel To Singapore

Among the people who tend to travel the world very often there are some who, despite traveling quite frequently, do so with very loose budgets. This type of travelers, tourists because it is their true passion, so they squeeze their salary to the last to make their trips. These people need that even the last penny they spend is worth it, if they wish to continue fulfilling their favorite tradition, so they must carry out exhaustive investigations so that each and every one of the stays that make up the trip are chosen correctly.


The most important expense is made in a trip is the one made in the accommodation, passionate travelers need more than anyone to choose the right accommodation. In these cases very few are looking for a four-star rating budget hotel singapore, let alone one of five stars, they only need one of regular category, clean, comfortable and safe, these are the three requirements that these travelers expect the hotel to meet they will stay. If the title of this article caught your attention, I’m afraid I should warn that the Hyatt Regency is not on the list of possible budget hotel singapore.


As in all the big metropolises in Singapore you can get all kinds of places to stay, from extremely luxurious places, to sites that look like a garbage dump. The task of finding accommodation in this city can be very complex. Then you will have some suggestions of good, nice and cheap hotels, with which you can get the most out of your money.


Ideal Hotels For Low Budget Trips To Singapore:

The Anting Villa Hotel –  is located in the former French concession area of ​​the city, it is a European garden style budget hotel singapore It is incredibly good to escape the madness that Singapore can become, the hotel is located on a particularly quiet street , quite safe, in which you do not suffer with traffic noise. A two-minute walk from the hotel is the Heng Shan Rad subway stop, which will take you to the glittering towers of Xujiahui, and leave you right in the heart of the city’s best shops. Within walking distance of the hotel There are several good restaurants, a couple of bars and some boutiques.


All of the hotel’s 120 rooms and suites are surprisingly well-appointed, they count; with central air conditioning, color television, mini fridges and direct line for international calls in the rooms.


The hotel has a large garden to relax in, a beauty salon and a moderately equipped gym.


Super 8 Hotel-   Wyndham Hotel Group has offices spread all over Singapore, and offers its guests the same thing that it can offer in the rest of the franchises, which are found in other parts of the world; A clean and comfortable room for a reasonable price. As an additional benefit, this chain tries to offer the most attentive and helpful service in the city. What more can you ask for?


Home Inns- It was founded in 2002 with the aim of offering a comfortable but affordable experience. This chain is found throughout China, especially in and around the Singapore area. It has a fast and attentive service, it is also perfectly suited to the budgets of companies that need to host many of their employees, and those who tend to handle leisure travelers.


Holiday Inn Express – managed by Inter Continental Hotels Group, this hotel has seven locations in Singapore, you can choose the one that is better than the area you want to go. They maintain the tradition of cleanliness, and are an excellent option for those with a small budget. This budget hotel Singapore chain boasts a lot of being governed by the concept of intelligent simplicity.