Do You Want To Find Cheap Hotels?

  1. Look for your cheap hotel very early

Just like airlines, the earlier you book an Singapore Budget Hotel, the lower the prices, because on the one hand, you have more choices than if you book at the last minute. On the other hand, hotels tend to offer advantageous prices well in advance to start filling their rooms. If you can, book your hotel as early as possible. Unlike airline tickets, you do not have money to advance when you book your hotel and this will allow you to find a singapore budget hotel instead of trying the devil looking for a hotel to the last minute.


  1. Book a hotel in low season

The price of hotel rooms depends on supply and demand. When the demand exceeds the supply (for example during the end-of-year celebrations or during a festival run like the Festival of Lights or the Chinese New Year), the price of hotels explodes. Conversely, singapore budget hotel rooms can be found in low season.


To find a cheap hotel, try to leave in the low season. For example if you are traveling in Southeast Asia, try to leave during the monsoon. The price of the hotel rooms is much lower than during the Christmas holidays and it is not nearly as bad as that – it does not rain every day and when it rains, it is especially at the end of the day. afternoon once you return from visit. A tip to remember to find a cheap weekend all-inclusive hotel.


  1. Book a hotel on weekends

In the middle of the week, the price of the hotels increases, because the hotels accommodate mainly business travelers, not very sensitive to the price. Conversely, hotels are lowering their prices on the weekends to attract a leisure clientele, who are much more attentive to the price. If you can, try to leave on weekends.


Personally, during a weekend in Brussels, I slept at the Radisson Blu – a 4-star hotel in the city center – for 60 € instead of 300 € per night. The reason ? The usual clientele – MEPs – do not frequent the hotel at weekends. A cheap luxury hotel, it is tempting!


  1. Find a hotel far from the city center

The price of hotels depends on the season, the day of the week, the comfort, but also their location. A well located hotel (in the city center, near a train station or an airport, with a view of the sea …) will necessarily cost more than a hotel a little less well located. To find a hotel for a cheap short stay, stay away from the city center.


As an individual, when I went to Lyon on the occasion of the Festival of Lights, the cheapest hotel I had found downtown cost more than $ 200 a night. Moving 3 kilometers away, I found a hotel at 110 euros per night.


  1. Go to a country where the cost of living is low

France is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Why not go to a developing country where the cost of living is relatively low? In Ho Chi Minh City, you can sleep in a palace for 100-150 € per night, ten times cheaper than in Paris. In Thailand, you can sleep in a cheap luxury hotel (room of 40 sqm, swimming pool, lush garden) for less than 50 € a night. Going to cheap countries (especially in Latin America and Southeast Asia) is a great way to spend a dream holiday and sleep in hotels that you would not necessarily afford to offer in France. And at this price, you can afford a cheap weekend all inclusive without having to wait for a promo to find a cheap hotel.