Even Though it is a Capsule Hotel, The Impression of Luxury! Attention to Evolutionary Capsule Hotel!

Capsule hotel is an image of a place to stay for the time being, but in fact it seems that evolution has been progressing steadily. Running the forefront of such an evolution type capsule hotel is a capsule hotel that develops mainly in Tokyo, “Relaxing Inn * Operation: Sanza Corporation”. Samurai Experience Capsule Accommodation Plan “, a new plan launched in 2016 as one of them, develops a series of plans to distinguish capsule hotels of past tasteful images from the outside world It seems that tourists are gaining popularity secretly.

This is realized by collaboration with “Yume no ya” studio which provides cosplay and photography of kimono as a service so as to experience Japanese culture such as flower sculpture and samurai in Asakusa, it will be held in 2020 Hopes for tourism demand from overseas, which is on the rise toward the Tokyo Olympic Games, are increasing. It is a nice place for those who are deeply interested in Japanese culture to be able to taste such a leisure feeling while being low price range of 4980 yen per night.

Great accessible location!

It is deployed around the main stations of the Yamanote line where many users are also located in Tokyo, and a good location that it is within 3 minutes walk from anywhere from the nearest station. Of course, for those who visited Tokyo for sightseeing purposes, I am happy that this good location in places without land intuition. Also, because it has good access to Haneda Airport, it is easy to use for tourists who visited by airplane.

Interior decorating the impression of the capsule hotel so far

Capsule hotel is an image that is tastelessly mineral and contains only the minimum necessary items, but the “relaxing inn” has a sense of luxury as if it came to an overseas resort facility, as it was a capsule hotel I will. Once you stay overnight, the image to the capsule hotel will definitely change completely.

Feeling refreshed at Jetbus artificial hot spring

Because it is equipped with a whirlpool and a mist sauna, it seems to be a perfect facility to heal the tiredness of work and travel. In addition, even in a sudden stay on the day, amenities such as wax and skin care products are substantial, so you can stay at ease.

Hotel-level luxury free service

It is a big factor that brings out a sense of luxury, and there are free services like hotels. Massage chair and drink service are attention.

Adopting premium bedding to ensure important sleeping time

In order to make sleep comfortable as the original purpose of the capsule hotel, we adopt Simmons famous as premium bedding maker for bedding. Until now you can taste the feeling you have never felt at the capsule hotel.

Unusually high security at the capsule hotel

Security management such as entrance management by floor bar code which has not existed so far and locker by vein authentication is also substantial, so safe management of valuable items is safe