How to Choose a Budget Hotel Singapore at Low Cost Prices

The times in which to spend a night in a Budget Hotel Singapore was a true odyssey have happened. With the arrival of low cost, the large hotel chains have shown their flexibility in terms of rates.


In fact, with a few recommendations, you can choose a budget hotel singapore at very affordable low-cost prices. If you want to reduce the budget of your trips without sacrificing the quality of good hotel services, follow us!


6 tips to choose lodging with low cost rates


The cheapest months: This is the most important point and one of those that are usually overlooked. The era is everything. You can find spa hotels with summer rates of up to 200 euros per night for just 50 euros for two people. How is it possible? Because if you decide for the months of autumn – winter – spring and you run away from the usual holidays (Easter, Christmas, summer holidays … etc) it is inevitable that some of the best hotel chains such as Best Western or NH greatly reduce their prices.


Rural rather than urban: Cities are more expensive. That is a fact and if we add to this that you want to go to a spa hotel, prices skyrocket. Therefore, choose spas and rural spas since the services will be the same and you will save a lot of money.

Best week: Although this is not always possible, the truth is that most hotels consider medium-high season any weekend of the year. That is why traveling, for example, between Sunday and Tuesday can leave you up to 60% cheaper than if you travel from Friday to Sunday. This is because there is more demand on weekends and the price of hotel rooms increases.

Hotel finders, your allies: It’s not a simple phrase. Hosts give their image and offer offers so that some of the best search engines index their ads. Who wins? Your! You can find cheaper prices than on the official website of the hotel and, in addition, packages of services and activities that otherwise would have an extra cost.

The more nights, the cheaper: This is not always true but it is usually, as a rule, more usual to find bargains for many nights than for a weekend. That is why we recommend that you choose, or, for several days, or, that you opt for the alternative of making a trip to a hotel that includes breakfast – it is usually a typical incentive in weekend hotels that can be very useful